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Women Entrepreneurs + The Olive Branch

Women Entrepreneurs are 

Supported, Celebrated + Encouraged Here.


As a young woman I was told over + over that I “could be anything I wanted to be”. As most young ladies do, that “anything” changed many times from princess, teacher, choreographer, fashion designer + journalist. I grew up, got my degree + then it changed again! Throughout all those changes, the growing up + the realizing the “anything” is a little harder than I thought; I continuously had the same desire: to help other people in some way or another. Today and for the last year I have had the immense honor of helping some of my favorite people: local, KY entrepreneurs. In The Olive Branch Boutique we have 25+ small business owners who have come together to create a community of like minded makers who support one another in amazing ways. When curating this group of unique makers I quickly realized one wonderful fact, the majority of them were WOMEN! In celebration of that, I wanted to give y’all some quick insight into the impact of women business owners + highlight the 18 different women entrepreneurs that call The Olive Branch home!

  • US women owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion a year.
  • 64% of new women-owned businesses were started by women of color last year.
  • There are 114% MORE women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago.
  • The US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses.



In The Olive Branch Boutique we are so proud to support the following female business owners who make our shop such an incredible place to purchase gifts, body care items, jewelry, art + more. I am truly so blessed to know each + everyone of these women!

  1. Caylie Mindling of Cayligraphy: artist specializing in hand lettering + illustrations (she also works in the boutique + I couldn’t do this thing without her!) Caylie is a wife, dog momma + lover of nature.
  2. Lindsey + Lindsay of It Is Written Apparel Co: creators of seriously soft scripture apparel who NEVER use sweat shops + hope to spread the gospel through beautiful clothing. Both women are mothers, wives + hardworking owners of a business with a BIG mission.
  3. Kendall Barber of Kendall Rae + Co: Kendall turned her love of giving gifts into the business of ready made gift boxes. You can find her “Taste of KY” gift box + Baby girl/boy gift boxes in The Olive Branch. Kendall works with other small, KY businesses to stock her boxes + bring y’all the best quality! She is a KY native, enneagram 2 + dog mom.
  4. April Eberhart of Luna Sky: April creates beautiful macrame pieces + polymer clay earrings. She is a wife, step mom, dog mom + cat mom. April also owns The Kindred Creative where she helps businesses build their brand + website.
  5. Aubrey Miller of Red Bud Suds: Aubrey has perfect a 4-in-1 shower bar that is good for your body + the environment. Every detail down to the packaging is thought out + I am now a repeat customer. Red Bud Suds Lemongrass bar is my fave + has been a skin miracle worker for me! Aubrey is a momma to the cutest boy, she enjoys eating the most important meal of the day + strumming on her banjo. (clearly a multi talented chick)
  6. Mackenzie Daniels of Origami Rabbit: Mackenzie hand pours soy candles that smell magical! Each candle is themed from a fandom that she loves + everything she does, down to her labels is perfection.
  7. Joy Lee of Floral Joy: Joy is a local florist who sells live house plants, dried bouquets + supplies the dried stem bar in The Olive Branch. She is available for custom order + works some serious magic on wedding arrangements. Joy lives in Wilmore, KY with her husband.
  8. Laura Adams of Blissful Bee Designs: Laura creates hand made goods for The Olive Branch + almost everything can be customized. She sells pillows, wooden signs, coasters, key chains, t shirts, coffee mugs, tea towels, + soon jewelry.  All her designs are unique + authentic + constantly amaze me! In addition to running this business she is a wife, mother of 2 + a nurse!
  9. Daisy Green of A Green Daisy: Daisy is the absolute sweetest! She is a student at Asbury University. Daisy hand embroiders all the hats she sells at The Olive Branch, along with creating her own scrunchies, mini wall weaving’s, key chains, + the cutest rainbows. She is available for custom orders on almost any item you can embroider!
  10. Madison Zweifel of Fox Grove Art: Madison creates one of a kind art prints in the most unique way. She carves the design on a rubber “block” + uses ink to transfer it over to paper. She has provided us with the coolest example in the shop, if you haven’t checked it out for yourself you are missing out. Each piece is an arrangement of lines coming together to create a beautiful illustration. Madison is a dog mom, coffee addict + local Wilmore girl!
  11. Kaylie Polk of Designs of a Daughter: Kaylie creates beautiful art with each piece being a message from God the Father. We have a mix of both originals on canvas + prints in the shop with more variety coming soon! Kaylie is available for custom commissions + live wedding painting! When she isn’t creating her artwork Kaylie is teaching art at The Lexington Latin School or hanging with her son + husband in Georgetown, Ky.
  12. Katie Weber Essential Oils: Katie has a small set up in The Olive Branch but it could be the most noticeable. If you have ever walked in + said “it smells so good in here”, it’s all thanks to Katie + Young Living Essential Oils ! Katie has graciously donated oils for several events at The Olive Branch + hosted workshops to teach y’all what she knows. Katie is a wife + mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Contact her for all your essential oil needs!
  13. Nicole Tarpoff of Reflect + Co: Nicole creates hand crafted, one of a kind mirrors with reclaimed wood. Nicole’s mission is that as we use our mirrors from her we would see ourselves as we were created to be: beautiful, loved + forgiven. Not only is Nicole dedicated to this mission she is a daily servant of others through her work at The Ronald McDonald House.
  14. Tara Modjeski of Tree House Goods: Tara creates all natural vegan body care products such as soap, CBD salve, Bath salts + lotions. She has a unique collection of rings, necklaces, earrings + ear cuffs available in the shop as well. Tara is a mother + grandmother living in Lexington, Ky.
  15. Peyton Fleener of Casual Friday: Peyton sells her headbands in The Olive Branch but has a variety of designs in her collection at Casual Friday! Peyton’s heart for Jesus + other women is inspiring. It has built a community of women sharing their testimonies + the Gospel. Peyton + her husband run a coffee shop in Morgantown, KY.
  16. Ellen Martin of A Life Shared: Ellen has taken her extensive knowledge of all things children + family to create her business. You can purchase her book “A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversations with our Kids” in The Olive Branch as well as an opportunity to sign up for her newsletters. Ellen has recently expanded her business to coaching women + their families in all aspects of life. Reach out to her via A Life Shared to talk about coaching services, private events + speaking engagements. Ellen is a wife and mother of 5 boys living in Wilmore, KY.
  17. Laura Friday of Heart Strings: Laura creates one of a kind string art using only nails + string on wood. Her work is beautiful + available for custom orders. Laura is an avid horse lover + when she isn’t creating her art she is teaching riding lessons + lending her talents to Asbury University’s Equestrian Dept.
  18. Gabby Long of Gabby Ink: Gabby creates unique + quirky art on a variety of mediums. You can find Gabby’s canvas originals, prints, cards, ceramics + stickers in The Olive Branch. She is available for custom orders, murals, advice on plants + all things coffee. You can find her working at The Hiccup on Asbury’s campus where she is a student.


Not only am I blessed to host these wonderful, female makers in The Olive Branch, but I am blessed all over again by the other female business owners in downtown Wilmore, KY. In our small main street area we have created a community of small business owners who support one another + work together to make Wilmore, KY the best it can be! Be sure to check out the following women owned businesses the next time you visit downtown Wilmore.

Shades of Bluegrass

The Family Center

Gigi’s on Main

The Sanctuary

Shalah’s Studio Creations

Barnard Law Office

Rachel’s Rose Garden

Days Gone By

Massages on Main

As women we have a distinct choice: to build one another up or tear one another down. It is hard enough to juggle being a woman, wife, mother, business owner, friend, sister, daughter, etc without another woman stealing your peace. Let’s all vow to NOT be those women who feel the need to squash someone else’s dreams to further our own. I am 100% HERE + COMMITTED to supporting other women in any way I can! Want to be a part of this AMAZING community? Reach out + lets chat! From one lady to another: YOU GOT THIS!

Happy International Women’s Day! Do something today to make your fellow ladies feel loved + supported!


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