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Why Wilmore, Kentucky?

Why Wilmore, Kentucky?

Why We Chose Wilmore, KY and More!

When I announced where I was opening my physical space, the very first question I heard from many people was “Where is Wilmore?”. I know a few of you may not know where Wilmore is let alone how incredible this small town is. I wanted to share some information here on how close Wilmore actually is to YOU! As well as all the amazing local businesses I will be sharing Main Street with!

Where Is Wilmore?

If you are in Lexington, KY or a surrounding county Wilmore is literally just down the road! If you get on Harrodsburg Road and head away from Downtown Lexington, you will drive right into Wilmore. My husband and I live in Jessamine County and it takes us 5 minutes to get to Wilmore. Meaning, if you live in Nicholasville you are about 10 minutes from Main Street in Wilmore. A few people have expressed not wanting to travel very far and I totally get that. However, it will take you the same amount of time to get to Wilmore as it does to travel down Nicholasville Road on any given Saturday. Wilmore is the perfect centralized location. 20 minutes from Lexington, 35 minutes from Danville, 35 minutes from Lawrenceburg and 1 1/2 hours from Louisville. Wilmore is such a hidden gem that many people have never had the privilege to explore. I would love to help bring new visitors to this quaint little town. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new favorite shop or two while you are visiting.

Downtown Wilmore Businesses

In our renovation adventure we have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing small business owners and Wilmore residents! It has absolutely blown me away how many people walk past our space, peek in and want to wish us good luck! Wilmore is the type of town that makes you think “how are these people all so nice?”! I feel so blessed to share my downtown address with these businesses and many more!

My neighbor and the CUTEST clothing boutique Autumn and Company has the sweetest collection of women’s clothing and accessories!

Another business, along with The Olive Branch, that’s “coming soon” is Shades of Bluegrass. They offer laser engraving services and have some of the cutest pieces displayed in their window.

Across the street from The Olive Branch are Rachel and Lisa! Rachel owns and manages Rachel’s Rose Garden. Rachel’s is the only florist in Wilmore and is incredibly creative. Lisa owns and manages Gigi’s On Main a small home decor boutique that also offers accessories and a few clothing items.

Down the street on both sides there are a few more local businesses such a Sims Pharmacy, which has been in business for over 100 years. The Family Center and several places of worship. All the businesses are in walking distance to one another with street parking along with a few parking lots for community use.

Asbury University and Seminary

When you enter into Wilmore you will soon be driving through Asbury’s campus. Asbury is made up of two campuses, Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary. This area of town is absolutely gorgeous with its huge trees and beautiful architecture. I have met the BEST people who attend Asbury in one way or another. Many of our vendors are Asbury students, alumni or spouses of students and alumni. I can’t wait to serve this university through our building the way they have already served us. During our first appearance in Wilmore as a business, The Old Fashioned Christmas Festival, we were welcomed, congratulated and even prayed over by these incredible students. Fast forward a month later and these same students are volunteering to work on our building. I am already blown away by the servant hearts I have met. I know this university will continue to be a blessing to The Olive Branch!

“Asbury Seminary is a community called to prepare theologically educated, sanctified, Spirit-filled men and women to evangelize and to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world through the love of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father.”

Asbury Seminary

Asbury University


Visit Wilmore, Kentucky

It is my hope that you truly feel at home when you visit Wilmore, Kentucky the way I do! I love the small town charm that is just minutes away from the larger city atmosphere. When you do visit Wilmore or if you have already be sure to stop in and say hello to me at The Olive Branch (opening March 2019). Keep following along for more Wilmore and The Olive Branch details!




Love this print as much as I do? You can purchase this and so many other beautiful pieces of art from our local vendors! We will be announcing a few of those vendors soon! STAY TUNED!!


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