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Valentines Coffee Bar

Will You Be My Valentine?

Only If You Bring Me Coffee…

Happy Friday & Happy February 1st! I am so glad that January is over. That month always feel so cold and dreary for me. I LOVE holidays and how they give you something to look forward to. February is going to be a big month for The Olive Branch with LOTS to look forward to. Not only celebrating Valentines Day but finishing renovations and finalizing vendors will all happen this month. I am currently dreaming of next year when we can host fun Valentine events and sales in our building. Until then, I have created a cute alternative in my own home centered around my favorite spot. The coffee bar has made several appearances here and on my social media. So of course I had to give it a little seasonal update for the day of love.


Pink & Red, Pink & Red

I apologize in advance to all the husbands out there but there is no getting around the pink and red this month. They are the staple colors for Valentines Day and while I rarely use pink in my home decor, this month I will make an exception. I have used these two colors along with my favorites, white & black, to create my holiday color pallet. As I always say, less is more and this goes for colors as well. Too many and things look chaotic and messy. My advice is to choose 2-3 colors and use them sparingly throughout all your decor, not just your seasonal accents.



As you can see my Valentines coffee bar isn’t a huge change from my normal one. The biggest changes, that were still very simple are as follows:

  1. Exchange all white mugs for pink, blush or Mr. & Mrs. themed mugs. These added a pop of color and a theme of “love” to the coffee bar while staying functional. Still easy access to your favorite mugs through the mug holder. (Still haven’t got yourself one? Purchase yours from The Olive Branch shop here)
  2. Pink and Red accents. I added in a “peppermint hot cocoa” tea towel. The red thread on the hem adds a pop of color and the hot cocoa recipe is perfect for the chilly weather. Adding in the red cake stand to my tray added some height to the decor and a pop of color. You could add a red jar to hold your coffee creamer or a small vase of red roses instead. The pink and red heart sticks I got from The Dollar Tree (say what?!?) and they are the perfect filler item. You could also use stir sticks or paper straws.
  3. Banner! I printed this banner from Pinterest and it was FREE! If you follow my Pinterest boards I have one dedicated solely to seasons. There are tons of free Valentines Day printables out there. You could print banner, straw toppers or event a small print to frame and place on the coffee bar. My banner can be found here

The best part of all these changes? Everything (minus the mugs and the Rae Dunn) came from the Dollar Spot at Target or the Dollar Tree. I LOVE to change my decor for different seasons BUT it can be expensive. If you are like me and never like to do the same set up twice…that can really break the bank. I buy accent items all year long from these cheaper options and mix them around every year. The best time to pick these up is the days following the holiday when everything is on clearance!! If you are needing more V-day decor hit up the stores on February 15th!

Once Valentines Day is over I like to start slowly bringing in Spring decor. Which means the reds will have to go. Until then I will be soaking up as much fun and festive colors as possible. V-day decor doesn’t have to be limited to your coffee bar! You can add small touches to your mantle, front door and dining room table. Check out my friend Katelyn’s Valentines Day tablescape  on her adorable blog Eat, Drink and Be Wells.


I hope your Valentines Day is filled with an abundance of love and happiness. If you are feeling inspired be sure to share your Valentines Coffee Bar with me on Instagram or Facebook. I love seeing y’all transform your homes with help from my posts!





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