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Happy Monday Friends!

Last week we announced the winner of our first giveaway and it was so exciting! During that giveaway we received so much support. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you that entered! The giveaway was also my way of announcing some of the amazing people who will be sharing our space as vendors. By hosting these vendors along side me and the coffee shop by The Drinklings, we are creating a unique sip & shop experience in downtown Wilmore, Kentucky. I wanted to use the post today to give y’all a little background on each vendor we announced along with details on exactly what we will be offering in our space!


The Olive Branch Building

Wilmore, KY

When I first told people we would be having different “vendors” in our downtown space, I got a few weird looks. Usually when you think vendors you picture a flea mall. Now I am a HUGE fan of flea malls and the treasures you can find there. It is not necessarily what I had envisioned for my boutique. Instead of allowing all types of vendors with no real planned aesthetic like most flea malls, my vision was something more customized and personal. Each vendor in our space has been hand picked because of their unique products, excellent quality and the overall look of their brand. I am curating a space of small business owners passionate about growing their clientele and providing a superb experience from start to finish for our customers. All of our vendors either hand make their products or spend countless hours searching for and building their inventory. Because of this each vendor is able to offer custom orders if they are desired and change their inventory as seasons and trends vary.

       Some of our amazing vendors products that will be available in our downtown Wilmore building



Sip & Shop & More…

Along with building a team of vendors and a unique shopping experience I wanted a space that would allow others to gather together. This desire has helped shaped the vision of the deck space in the back of our building. This space is very large and open, the perfect spot for large groups to come together. Whether that is through meetings and bible studies or more planned out gatherings such as events, we have the space for it all. Once we finalize our opening date (announcement coming VERY soon!!) I will develop our social calendar and open the space for events. I have already been in chats with some amazing people who want to share their talents and products with y’all! Not one to limit the use of a great space, you will also be able to “rent” our space for your own gatherings. Birthday parties, baby & wedding showers. For an additional fee I can assist you event planning and decorating. I am super passionate about helping families transform their homes but I am also passionate about helping others celebrate the good things in life!! The space is covered, will have seating for around 30 guests and have the perfect backdrop for all your photos and decor! Stay tuned for our event calendar and all the fun things we have planned!



Vendor Details


Weaver Woodworking: 

                               Essential Oil Shelf made by Weaver Woodworking

Weaver Woodworking is a Wilmore based business. The owner Brandon, is a student at Asbury Seminary and does amazing work. He will be offering hand crafted, wooden cutting boards, cook book stands, essential oil shelves and more. He also offers custom wood working products upon request! I have one of his cutting boards in my own kitchen and it is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait for y’all to see all his products. Until then check them out on Instagram @weaverwoodworkingky

Parrish Pottery:

Parrish Pottery is another Wilmore based business with the owner, Paulk, being another Asbury Seminary student. He recently built his own pottery studio in his backyard and it is as beautiful as his pottery. He will be offering hand made pottery products that can be used for food, drink and decor. The farmhouse speckled milk jug vase above is just a small taste of what will be available in our space. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @parrishpottery and Facebook @ParrishPottery or visit his website by clicking the logo below!


Cayligraphy is uniquely named after its owner Caylie, an incredibly talented artist who is based in Wilmore, Ky. Her talent is crazy and I honestly can’t describe all the amazing things she will be providing in our space. She created the beautiful print pictured above and the wooden magnets. She does hand lettering, water color, line illustrations, wood burned items and custom orders as well. Her products will amaze you all and I am excited to offer her a space to sell her art. Until our opening, be sure to follow along on Instagram @cayligraphy.

Indigo Soul Designs:


Indigo Soul Designs is owned by the sweetest woman Autumn and based out of Lexington, Ky. She creates beautiful wooden products and will be selling her bourbon barrel trays (with horse shoe handles from local KY farms!) and bourbon barrel/exotic wood jewelry in The Olive Branch downtown building. She donated the tray pictured above for our giveaway and I wanted to keep it for myself! haha! She will be available for custom orders and you can follow along on Instagram @indigosouldesigns


I am just so excited to share these and several more vendors with y’all! Our next vendor announcement and giveaway will be LIVE next week!! Stay tuned on my social media to see who and what we are offering to YOU!! I hope you all have a blessed Monday!






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  1. I would be interested in speaking to someone about becoming a vendor. My name is Charlotte Anderson and I live outside Nicholasville. I have a floor loom and weave rag rugs, mug rugs (coasters), hot pads, bookmarks and bath mats. I recycle material. My best seller in the rag rugs is made from old blue jeans but I also use blankets, bedspread, drapes and even plastic shopping bags. All items are machine washable, even the rugs made from Wal-Mart and Kroger bags. Our home is smoke and pet free. I have been weaving over 20 years. My phone number is 859 361-5558. I would love a chance to show you my work. Thank you.

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