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My 5 Tips for Re-Decorating Your Home

Tips for Re-Decorating Your Home:

Do you ever feel like re-decorating your home is out of the question for you? There are many reasons my clients say they can’t re-decorate but one I hear the most. It’s too expensive!! Re-decorating can be very expensive BUT it doesn’t have to be. I wanted to share my 5 tips for re-decorating your home in a cost effective way. Most of the time you already have 90% of the decor pieces you need. They just need to be moved around and placed in a fresh way.

Neutral Color Palette:

You can easily refresh your space by choosing a neutral palette with 1-2 pops of a more vibrant color. If you have been paying attention to my decorating projects at all you may have noticed a theme. Neutral colors are my jam! Working with a neutral color palette just makes your life easier and allows you to easily transition through seasons and trends. For every home I decorate I choose a neutral base color such as white, grey or beige. This color will be used for the BIG pieces like a couch, rug or curtains. These items tend to be expensive and not as easily replaced as trends change. You automatically save yourself money when you use neutral colors in your home.

So, take a look around your home. What is the muted, neutral color you see the most of? That is your neutral base color that you want to center the rest of your decor around. If it is grey or beige I suggest adding in some white here and there to brighten up your space just a tad. Now choose 1-2 colors that compliment your neutral color and each other. For example, if your neutral color is grey cool tones such a blues and greens compliment it well. If you choose navy blue as an accent color, don’t choose black as your 2nd color because they clash.

Keep in mind though, it is YOUR house. If you like the accent colors you picked..don’t worry about rules. Your home should tell your story.

Take the accent colors you have chosen and add 3-5 pops of that color throughout each room. 3 pops if your room is small, 5 pops if the room is bigger. Continue this same color scheme throughout your entire home to create a cohesive look in your space.

Less Is More:

Now that your color scheme is refreshed lets talk about CLUTTER! One of the biggest mistakes that hinder the look of your home is too much stuff. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful book shelf if it’s covered top to bottom with stuff. I know many of us love our stuff and think it is vital to life but I have found over the years, it’s really not. Ask yourself “have I used this in the past 6 months?”, if the answer is no (with the exception of seasonal decor) then it may be time for it to find a new home.

There are many ways you can de-clutter and donate your items. My friends at Lady Cat Organizing can help you organize your space if you don’t want to tackle this project all by yourself.

Organizational Decor:

Once you have purged your home of the un-necessary items, make sure the remaining items match that color scheme you chose in tip # 1. Double check that you haven’t left any piles laying around in corners and that everything has a place. Using baskets and decorative organizers are a great way to keep everything put away but also double as decor.

Below I have linked a few of my favorite ways to store items such as throw blankets, dvd’s, board games, etc. The best part of these organizers I have linked? They are all from Target and super affordable!



Wire Hearth and Hand Basket:
Wicker Basket:
Storage Ottoman:

Pillow Refresh:

Give your existing throw pillows a brand new life by covering them with pillow covers. Your sitting areas are important. They are a main area in your home that get a lot of attention and use. If you have throw pillows on your couch they may be worn out from so much use or they may not match the new color scheme you have chosen. Throw pillows are expensive BUT there is a much cheaper solution. Pillow Covers!

Pillow Covers:

In every decorating project of mine I have recovered pillows for my clients because it just makes sense to use what you already have and give it new life. I find all my pillow covers at Hobby Lobby. They typically run between $5.99-$15.99, which ends up being much cheaper than buying all new pillows for your couch. Hobby Lobby ALWAYS has a 40% off coupon which allows you to save even more on this project! This pillow refresh is a win win!


The blue ikat print pillows above were bright yellow and didn’t match my clients new blue color scheme. I covered them with pillow covers from Hobby Lobby, $9.99 each!

Triangle Shelf Rule:

Many homes have some type of shelf in them. Whether its a book shelf, open shelves, built ins or floating shelves, this triangle rule will work. Placing items on shelves can be difficult and they can quickly become too full. The trick is to create a “triangle” with the decor you use. You can use the triangle rule to place color or different materials such as glass or wood. I have shown a visual representation below to help you understand better.

As you can see above I have drawn 2 triangles to help you visualize this rule. Follow the red triangle first. This triangle is showing you the 3 different dark brown, wood pieces I have placed on my open shelves. You want to pick the same color wood for your items and place them in 3’s, in this triangle pattern. This allows the eye to flow from piece to piece, while keeping your shelf balanced. You don’t want all your dark decor on one shelf lined up. This triangle rule allows you to use all the items you want and creates a great visual flow in your home.

The black triangle is showcasing the same pattern but follows the white decor items I chose. These are not all the same material like the wood accents but are the same color. I staggered 3 white decor pieces and mixed them with the wooden items to keep my decor light and airy. Styling shelves can be overwhelming but I urge you to just try it! Decorating is all about trial and error. Put the pieces where you think they should go and move them around until you love it. Again, its your home and you can make it what you want.

Gallery Walls:

My final tip is to incorporate a gallery wall for an updated twist on family photos. The days of lining all your shelves and mantle with mismatched framed photos is over. This makes your space look dated and cluttered. When you update your frames to match and hang them on an open wall you create a clean and organzed way to display those precious family memories. It is also much easier to see your favorite photos when they are on the wall, rather than jumbled together on a dark shelf.

For this clients gallery wall I refreshed all their frames (with the exception of 1) with white frames from Walmart. They don’t have to be high quality frames to look nice on your walls. I added the family script in the middle to give it a little something extra but that is not necessary.

Your Home, Your Story:

Now you may notice the brown frame…and say “I thought you said all the same color frames?” I did…but I also said your home should tell your story. This brown frame is the original frame that the photo came in many years ago. The people pictured are beloved grandparents who have since made their journey to heaven and mean the world to this family. I chose to keep the original frame and center them to highlight just how important they are in this home. (It helps that the dark brown frame matches the dark brown bannister of their staircase) I am all about the sentimental, special tributes in your home. Don’t let the “rules” take away your ability to tell your families story in your home.


I hope my tips have been helpful and encourage you to try at least one when you have some free time. If this overwhelms you, work through a room at a time. Tackle the living room first and move on from there. There is no timeline you have to follow, just do what you can with what you have. You can always add to your decor as you go. Look for sales and clearance items that you can purchase at an affordable price to add into your decor.


If you do use one of my tips, feel free to let me know! I would love to see how you tell your story in your home!




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6 thoughts on “My 5 Tips for Re-Decorating Your Home

  1. Beth says:

    These are wonderful tips! Over the years I’ve had several sofas that I ended up hating. Now I have some neutral ones in my family room and it is easier on the eyes and also so much simpler to change the feel of the room. Two of my friends bought identical houses in the same neighborhood. One took all her old furniture, sentimental items, and dark color scheme into the new house. The other kept many of her sentimental items but bought new furniture to fit the house. She chose a neutral paint scheme of gray/light blue. Their choices in color and furniture make all the difference. The first home feels outdated, but the second one is gorgeous!

    1. Erika Frye says:

      I completely agree! The colors you choose in your home effect the mood and feeling people have when they enter. I want people to feel welcomed into a clean and calm environment and I think neutral colors convey that. Plus they are fun to work with and adding in different colors is a breeze!

  2. Katherine says:

    These are such great tips! Our home has a lot of gray with blues & pops of yellow here and there. It makes me so happy. I also love the rule of getting rid of the clutter that you don’t touch for 6+ months! It makes our home feel so tidy and comfortable.

    1. Erika Frye says:

      YES! The clutter has got to go! I literally took my own advice this morning and de cluttered our living room and dining room haha! We recently got married and the amount of stuff I accumulated because of that was insane! I major clean up was needed.

  3. Whitney says:

    Organizational tools are my jam! They are essential for me. I need to buy all the organizational things before I can actual clean and decorate or else I won’t feel motivated to do so. Pillows are such a great way to refresh and change up a room, especially at a low cost!

  4. Becky says:

    These are some great tips! I never knew about the triangle shelf rule but it looks really cool – I’m going to have to try it out!

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