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Memorial Day Updates

Hi y’all! It’s Sunday & I have made it back when I said I would. Yay! #smallvictories

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us & I must say I took the entire day yesterday to hang by our pool, eat too much food & celebrate my soon to be brother in law’s birthday. It was great…but today I was feeling the pressure to get things done. My number one goal in this journey is to not get so wrapped up in making things happen that I forget about everything else. So now I am sitting on my couch & trying to slow it down.

First, I want to update y’all on some Olive Branch happenings! We are about 1 week out from launching our “shop” tab above! I am so excited, but also incredibly nervous. I have received 3 shipments of amazing products that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I really do hope I get to see my products in homes & know that is has added some happiness there. It may sound silly to some, but whenever I find the perfect item for my home,and I see it sitting in it’s place I can’t help but smile. I love when you find that perfect finishing touch that ties an entire room together. I can’t wait to see how The Olive Branch can play a part in those moments in your life. My second update is our home design & event styling services have officially launched! Please stay tuned for photos of our upcoming products that get started this week. I can’t wait to see how I can use my love of home decor to assist someone else in creating their perfect space or event. If you are interested in these services, please email me at or call me at 502-517-5659. I would LOVE to speak with you about your home or event & see how we can work with you!

I know many people have been asking about our physical store & when it will be opening. Believe me, I am just as anxious as you! They are currently putting a new roof on our space & fixing some small things before we begin the process of buying the building. If this journey has taught me anything so far it is patience and flexibility. I must be patient in all the things I want to happen RIGHT NOW & I must be flexible in my expectations of what can actually happen. I do however have so many fun & creative displays planned for the store & some super exciting DIY events I plan on hosting this fall! If you are or know a local artists of any sort who would like to partner with us & share their talents with the community please contact me at We plan on having a large event space in the downstairs portion of our store where DIY events can be hosted along with events of your own. Think wedding showers and baby showers and more! Please know I am working as quickly as I can to get the physical store up & running! Thank you for your support along the way!

The final thing I would like to share is a thought that has been on my heart since church service at Southland Christian Church today. The sermon was all about Godly friendships. Immediately I thought of The Olive Branch & how I can use this as a platform to create friendships with my clients. Please know that above any other motivation, I yearn to reach people on a personal level when it comes to their homes & learn what they love (or hate) about their space. I hope I can help you enhance those good qualities of your home & change the ones you dislike. I am however nervous about this…because I am not naturally the most extroverted person. I can be awkward & nervous & this can hold me back. My prayer daily is that God uses me in the best way to create these relationships & that he doesn’t let me restrict myself. If you understand how I feel on some level, please let that be a starting point for our conversations & do not fear letting your semi-awkwardness show. As we go into this week, after our long weekend, let’s try to be more intentional in our friendships & be the best we can be for those people who bless our lives. Thanks again for reading, enjoy the rest of this weekend.


Memorial Day Updates
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