Meet the Maker Guest Blog Series: Designs of a Daughter

Hey there! I’m Kaylie Polk—follower of Jesus, wife, mama, and the artist behind Designs of a Daughter, a prophetic custom art biz that I’m absolutely giddy about. You can find me in my hometown of Kentucky living a messy but sweet life with my hubby, John Wright and rambunctious baby boy Judah, my hands, pants, and eyebrows probably speckled with paint.

I started this creative endeavor because I genuinely believe God is doing something through me that I can’t do on my own. My art is both for and from the Father and painting a canvas or creating for other people is literally a kind of worship for Him that I can’t quite put into words. My prayer and mission behind this business is that every brushstroke would be used for His glory, and that my art could be a craft of discipleship for the Kingdom.

In addition to my custom creations, I love to pack up all my paints and paint live at wedding ceremonies on the weekends. You can often find me at the back of the ceremony or reception, capturing the bride and groom’s perfect day on canvas. I love this part of my business and am so thankful for how the Lord has grown it in just a few years!

I specialize in prophetic art, meaning every piece created is intentionally prayed for and it is believed to be from the Master Artist’s hands, not my own. So when you pursue a piece of mine, you can rest assured that it is saturated in specific prayer just for you or the person you’re buying for. My medium of choice is acrylic paint and you can recognize my style by the soft, muted color palettes, drips of paint running down the canvas, flicks of gold, and layers of texture created by palette knife.

If you are interested in a custom piece or a live wedding painting please contact me! I would love to create the perfect piece for your space! Lastly, thank you so much for your support of my creative dream—it makes me do a little happy dance every day.  

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