Meet the Maker Guest Blog Series: A Green Daisy

Hi there! I’m Daisy Green, maker behind everything A Green Daisy! I am a senior at Asbury University and lover of all things crafty and outdoorsy. A Green Daisy is my little creative outlet & one of my favorite things that I get to do right now! My bedroom has always been filled with whatever craft
supplies I could get my hands on, but I didn’t start A Green Daisy until almost three years ago. My spring break freshman year was spent indoors with inches of snow on the ground, and out of that came my first attempt at an embroidered hat. Happy with how it turned out, I posted it on my Instagram story and received the sweetest & most unexpected feedback of so many friends wanting one, and I’ve been going ever since!

All my items are fully handmade by me– embroidered hats, weavings, scrunchies, and rainbows. Each one is completely unique – custom order or not! I free-hand all of my embroidery with the exception of tracing the state outlines here & there (although I think I have made enough Kentucky state
hats at this point that I could free-hand that, too!). Each floral design has the same general pattern, but the beauty of free-handing it all is that I get to make each one a little bit different and see where it goes. Each hat takes a few hours, depending on the amount of embroidery going on it and the type of design, and I love the flexibility & creativity I get to have with each one.

One of my favorite things about getting to do this is picking out the colors. I love color, and I love finding the perfect combination to match a hat, to put in a weaving to match the colors of your quilt, or for a scrunchie to match your favorite shirt. Every time I make something it is such a sweet reminder of the Lord and His creativity, and how He uniquely made each and every single one of us. I love the idea of people feeling seen + known through thoughtful gifts, and getting to use the creativity the Lord has given me to bring a little bit of joy into someone else’s life has been the most underserved blessing to me the past couple of years.

While I have a typical set of items in the Olive Branch and that I advertise on my Instagram account (@agreendaisy), I do lots of custom orders as well! I do custom orders of anything that I make, as well as embroidery on almost anything else: T-shirts, bags, shoes (my personal favorites!), anything else you can think of! It is so very fun to be able to create something special for your friend’s birthday or just a pick-me-up to say that they’re important to you, and I have gotten to be a part of some of the sweetest gifts through custom orders. I am willing to discuss customizing almost anything, so feel free to contact me anytime through Instagram or email (agreendaisyembroidery@gmail.com).

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