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Guest Blogger Series: Origami Rabbit

Hiya Olive Branch fans! Mackenzie here, owner and maker behind Origami Rabbit! Origami Rabbit is my creative hustle and also a really great excuse for me to buy fun props and geeky things, I most definitely need that cute Mickey plush for a photo right?! I am a self proclaimed lover of all things nerdy and I use my favorite fandoms to inspire the scents I create!

2020 has been a crazy year and most of my favorite in-person events have been cancelled. Not everyone has the Olive Branch in their town & it can be challenging to sell scents online so I am always looking for ways to grow and evolve! Enter our newest creations, Diffuser Fragrance Oils, these little guys are just as strong as our candles but flame free and a great way to try out a scent before committing to a full candle! I am slowly releasing our current scents as Diffuser Oils and plan to have all our new scents available in both candles at diffuser oils at launch!

Another new update for Origami Rabbit is our brand new jars! I was looking for a way to give our customers more of the scents they love, so we are transitioning to a larger 10oz jar! This new jar is bigger, easier to open, and overall a sleeker design. A few scents have already started popping up at the Olive Branch! 

I’ll close my ramblings with some quick tips to start your candles off right and keep them burning their best!

1. Always trim your wick! From the first burn to the last, this is super important. You can use plain scissors or a fancy-schmancy wick trimmer, as long as you keep your wick around ¼” you are in business!

2. Get that melt pool! Burn your candle long enough to create a full melt pool in your jar (aka not just an hour). Now you might ask, “What in the heck is a melt pool, Mackenzie?” A melt pool is the liquified wax in your candle’s jar, as it burns the pool will get larger and expand to the edge. If you blow your candle out too early (especially on the first burn) the pool of liquified wax won’t make it to the edge of the jar and your candle will tunnel down, wasting precious wax on the sides of your jar. It’s difficult if not impossible to save that wax or correct a candle once it’s started tunneling.

3. Give your candle a break! After 4 hours of burning (on a heat resistant surface), I know it’s sad, but it’s time to blow out your candle. Psst…pro-tip, just swap it for another scent!

Thank you for supporting my small business through the Olive Branch, if you want to shop more of our scents visit! To keep up with new releases and to see all the fun props I convinced myself I needed in my life follow us on Instagram @shop.origamirabbit or on Facebook!

We would love to have you join us for our first ever Origami Rabbit Candle Making Workshop on Sept 19th @ 2pm. Each ticket gets you 2 custom, fall scented candles + all the DIY tips from me! To purchase your tickets click the link below!

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