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The Olive Branch is coming to Downton Wilmore, KY in 2019! Wilmore is the cutest, most welcoming town just 5 minutes from my house. If you are someone who is just tuning in to this journey or have been with me all along, keep reading for all the details and a little backstory on all these changes!

Big Dreams

This idea of “The Olive Branch” began a year and a half ago when I spent the last part of the summer decorating a home and actually got PAID! I would catch myself thinking “what if this was my actual job?” If you know my husband Cameron, you know he is a pusher. He will push you to be the BEST version of yourself. He will push you to dream and then help you create a plan to achieve those dreams. So it was only natural when I came to him after reading The Magnolia Story, and became truly inspired to be a small business owner, that he would push me. I spent the next 9 months in my regular job dreaming of something else. Fast forward to my first blog and the announcement of my new business.

What no one tells you about having big dreams is they require sacrifice and there is no instant gratification. I set out with the dreams of having my own shop and decorating clients homes. I could completely envision the shop and all it would entail. Soon I had to make the decision to put that dream of a physical shop on the back burner and focus on building my brand through an online boutique. Although this sucked at first…God always knows how to turn disappointments into blessings. I have been able to make choices not based on financial issues while slowly building an online presence. I thank God everyday for that decision and can clearly see it led me to where we are now.

Downtown Wilmore

What started as a normal day of my husband taking me to a property he wanted to buy, ended in the most exciting business development yet. Cameron actually found our building in downtown Wilmore. In true Cameron fashion he came home telling me all about it…and the 10 new friends he had made there. He has no problem walking up to someone on the street and asking them questions about a property. Clearly God put us together to push me out of my comfort zone! When he took me to the small downtown strip, I instantly knew it was a special place. We set out to take what was a vacant eyesore and create something that would benefit the community. I went to work creating a design for the building and Cameron worked his magic in real estate. We decided if we could find the perfect tenants for the building it would work out. We had no clue the “perfect tenants” were looking for a spot in downtown Wilmore that same week.



Sip & Shop

Coffee Roasting

The amazing guys of Drinklings Coffee and Mugs contacted us about being a tenant in our new building in downtown Wilmore and we knew this was the perfect addition to the main street strip. If you aren’t familiar with Wilmore, KY it is the home of Asbury College and Seminary. If you have ever been to a college town there is one crucial element holding it together…coffee. We are so excited to create a space where Asbury students, Wilmore residents and any Kentuckian looking for great coffee, can come together and spend time in fellowship. We have all said many times that we hope this place will become a place of ministry. Where friendships are created and everyone feels welcome.


Boutique Shopping

Due to the unique layout of this space we were able to get creative in our plans. After many different ideas I am so excited to say I finally have my space for my shop. BUT better than that I get to share that space with several other local vendors who need a place to house their own small business. Not only am I working hard to get ready for my own space to be opened. I am also searching for different small business owners who fit into our modern, rustic, on trend style. What could be more fun than getting delicious, fresh roasted coffee AND shopping through unique vendors? If you or someone you know could be a potential member of our team please contact me at design@theolivebranchky.com


Coming Soon…

We plan to open in early 2019 (I am hoping for February! Fingers crossed!). We have so much renovation and planning to continue but this is what my husband and I love to do! Seeing a space go from vacant and sad to new and full of life is an amazing experience. We have been transforming homes together since 2015. I knew if we could do this together we could get through anything. Flipping houses is not for the faint of heart! It truly is hard work but it is so rewarding. This project is special because we have never gotten the opportunity to transform a commercial building where a business will soon be thriving. I cant wait to continue showing y’all the renovation process! Stay tuned here and on social media for all the updates. Y’all have been so supportive this far and we are so thankful for that.







Downtown Wilmore
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