Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Hand Lettered Just for You!

The Christmas holidays are a time for family & love. There is nothing better than spending time with the people you care about the most, exchanging gifts and creating memories.

For some people though…this years holiday is clouded with grief. Although they still enjoy the holidays, there is something missing. That void can be hard to fill and can at times steal the joy of the season.


The Story

2018 was supposed to be the best year. As many of you know I married the love of my life on October 5th, 2018. It was the absolute most perfect day and I will cherish those memories forever. Before we left on our honeymoon, I got the call that my granny was being taken to the hospital. She has been sick off an on for the last 4 years, but this time seemed different. We went to the hospital and learned that she had suffered a minor stroke but she seemed ok. I spoke with her, reminded her we were leaving on our trip and she told me she would “be praying for us”. I kissed her, told her I loved her and goodbye. Then we set sail for the Caribbean.

On Thursday, October 25th, 3 days before our honeymoon was over I got word that my sweet granny had passed away. The rest of the trip is honestly a blur. What was supposed to be an amazing 3 more days, were some of the hardest of my life. Being away from my family, and not being there to say goodbye was incredibly hard. I have spent everyday since then grieving, missing her and trying my best to live a little more like her everyday. She was one of the best women I have ever met. A beautiful, Godly person who had a huge impact on my life.

Fast forward almost 3 weeks later…and my husband and I received a call that his Mamaw Rita had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. We were in utter shock that this was actually happening again and in such short notice. We spent the next few days helping plan the funeral and sharing memories of Rita with his family. Her funeral was incredibly hard as it was much too soon to be sitting there again feeling that same sense of loss.

In Memory Of

It is now the holiday season and I would be lying if they didn’t feel a little empty for both our families. But there is one thing we know for sure…they are in heaven and want nothing more for us than a full, happy life. We will never have them back in our lives but we can honor their memories everyday. We wanted to do something specific to honor a year that held the best and worst days of our lives. The idea of the custom ornaments was a joint effort in an attempt to keep those precious memories alive in our holiday decorations.


Made to Order…

All of these ornaments are hand lettered by me and created just for you! Everyone has something to celebrate and maybe mourn this holiday season. Whether its an engagement, marriage, new baby, loss of a loved one or simply celebrating your family my ornaments can be created to highlight those events. It makes my heart incredibly happy that I could have a hand in creating something so special for your Christmas tree. Decorating the tree is such a personal, timeless Christmas tradition. It would be an honor to have my ornaments present in those moments. Ornaments are something that can make an appearance on your tree year after year and can be passed down through the generations.


Ornament Selection

I know that every family has a different decor and color scheme for their Christmas decorating. Therefore I have provided multiple options for you to choose. You can find those options listed and photographed below.


  • Ornament Colors: Clear, Frosted White, Frosted Gold, Red, Light Green
  • Writing Colors: Black, White, Silver and Gold



If you are interested in ordering your own custom ornament simply click the link below!





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