Front Porch Decor
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Cozy Front Porch Decor

Today I am sharing the before & after of a Front Porch Decor, I decorated for a sweet client in Georgetown, Kentucky. This design was super fun & easy because her porch is a gorgeous, wide space that allowed for 2 sitting areas all nestled against her beautiful brick home. As always I worked with the materials my client already had (her wicker furniture & outdoor dining table) & just added some cozy charm to give them a whole new look.





When working on the design for this space I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate pieces & colors that my client could easily swap out and tweak as her decor changed with the seasons and holidays. I stuck with black and white and tan for the base colors that would be in her rugs and chair cushions, as these are the pieces that would stay on her porch year-round. For the accent colors, I went with the super popular summer 2018 color, yellow & added in touches of green. It was incredibly important to my client that her porch was low mantienance & something she could maintain without my assistance. With these colors, she can easily add in orange for fall and swap the yellow for red during the winter months.



Cozy Front Porch Decor
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