Coffee Bar Decor
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Coffee Bar Styling

Today on Instagram I shared a video of Coffee Bar Decor And Design. I wanted to share those tips here in a little more detail.

Coffee Bar Styling Steps:

Selecting a Space:

The first step in coffee bar styling is selecting the perfect space for your coffee bar to be. There are several options for this. You could select a larger area in a kitchen or dining room. An area on your kitchen countertop works great or a movable cart for smaller spaces. In my own home, I have a rather large dining room. I chose to place my coffee bar on an old “dresser like” piece. This piece has great drawers for storage and is long enough to hold all the items I need. If you are limited on space, the kitchen counter works great as well.

The most important thing is that you choose a space where your coffee bar is easily accessed. Easy access allows you to fully enjoy your coffee bar, both functionally and visually. When choosing this space keep in mind the size of your coffee maker and the things you absolutely must have in order to create the perfect caffeinated beverage!

Must Haves:

When thinking of “must haves” for coffee bar styling I narrowed it down to 3 things. Mugs, yummy ingredients and functional storage.

Functional Storage

In order to make coffee, you must have 2 things on hand, coffee and a mug. The functional storage must have is a place to store your coffee. Pictured above you can see the copper basket I use to store my K-cups for my Keurig. Coffee is usually made in the morning when the just woke up fog is still lingering in your mind. Having your coffee directly close by is essential. This also helps when guests are using your coffee bar. There are several different options for coffee storage. Baskets, canisters, and jars are all great ways to store your coffee while serving as decor for your coffee bar.


Mugs are the next must have. You either need your mugs stored near your coffee bar or on your coffee bar. In my large coffee bar set up I am able to use the modern farmhouse mug stand I sell in my online boutique. My coffee bar is not in my kitchen so mug storage next to the coffee maker is super helpful. If you are using your kitchen countertop, I suggest storing your mugs above your coffee bar for easy access.

Yummy Ingredients:

Last must have, yummy ingredients. The BEST part of coffee, in my opinion, is cream and sugar. Above I have shown my copper tray that holds my everyday essential ingredients. Keep in mind you want these items close by and not put away, so you can easily use them each morning. I have replaced my creamer container with a mason jar and put my sugar in a small container. These small switches are much more visually appealing and help eliminate clutter and clashing colors messing with your decor.

Personal Touches:

One of my favorite parts of interior decorating is adding personal touches to each space. It is easy to place the must-have items and leave out any personal touch that makes it feel like home. But who wants to do that? To add in your own personal flair I like to encourage pops of color and something sentimental or special.

On my coffee bar, I have used this 3 tier tray from Hobby Lobby as a way to showcase a little bit of personal style. This tray also serves as extra storage for items I might need for my coffee bar. My pop of color is actually the copper accents I am using throughout. My coffee storage, ingredients tray, and Moscow mule mugs all add pops of copper into this setup. When choosing a pop of color I recommend 3 different pieces separated by at least one item, spread throughout your setup. I love metals and neutrals so I chose copper but blues, greens, and yellows look great as well.

My small something special is my KY hand towel from my online boutique. I love my Old KY Home and use any excuse to add some KY decor into my house. Some other examples of something special could be a set of canisters from a family members kitchen, a sentimental mug on display or a small trinket item used as tray decor. This is the time when you can really be creative and put some love into your home decor.


Finished Product:

Pictured above is the finished product for my own personal coffee bar. Below I have added the finished product for smaller coffee bar on my kitchen countertop.

Once your coffee bar is complete you now have a spot to prepare the most important drink of the day, that is now much more functional, intentional and visually appealing. Have a mug (or 2) for me!


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