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After Christmas, Cozy Decor

After Christmas, CozyEr Decor

The magic of Christmas can’t be denied. Filling your home with twinkling lights and comforting colors can transform your space into a winter wonderland. Taking down those decorations is chore and leaves your home feeling barren and cold. This year I have filled my home with after Christmas cozy decor to hopefully make my home feel a little more warm and cozy after the holidays.

Comforting Textures

The best way to keep warm and cozy is a blanket. I LOVE throw blankets and am always cold. So having these comforting textures throughout the house has added that warm feeling I am wanting. My favorite textures I have found are Sherpa, fleece and flannel. I like to use them in neutral greys, tans and blacks and have added them to my couch and blanket ladder.

Having these blankets close by allows my guests to easily access them if they are feeling an extra chill. Layering these comforting textures really adds the warm, cozy decor I was looking for.


Left Over Christmas?

Like I said before, its a struggle to put away all the Christmas decor. So this year I left a few pieces out of the attic. If you have been following my decor at all you know I love to add greenery to all my projects and my home. When I think of winter greenery, I automatically think evergreen and pine trees. Now obviously those are in abundance during the holidays but I typically put them away afterwards. This year I left out my small, pine trees and added them to some side tables and my coffee bar.

I got all of these small trees in the Target Dollar Section and they are great quality for such a cheap price. They have added the perfect touch of cozy, winter decor to my home. You could also add in some small twinkly light strands to them if you wanted. I have linked some battery powered ones below from Amazon.

Battery Powered Twinkle Lights:

Missing Your Christmas Lights?

Many of you have commented saying you missed the magic of your Christmas lights. I admit there is something so soothing about a sparkling Christmas tree. Although I can’t condone keeping up your Christmas tree and it’s lights during January and February but there are a few alternatives. As I mentioned before you can add smaller twinkle lights to greenery around your house.

If twinkle lights aren’t your thing having a few candles burning around the house can really add a warm and cozy feeling to your decor. One of my favorite ways to decorate with candles is using mercury glass votives. I love small touches of gold in my decor and mercury glass has the most beautiful twinkly effect when it has a candle burning inside.

When the flame is flickering the light dances through the mercury glass and creates the same feeling and look as a Christmas tree sparkling in the house. These are very small and affordable and take very little effort to place around the house. They can be added to any table tray, mantle, centerpiece or shelf. I have placed them on my mantle and my dining room table.

I found mine on Amazon and have linked similar options below.

Mercury Glass Votives:

Final Touches

This year my after Christmas mantle has small winters touches and some pieces I can transition into spring and summer decor. My favorite winter piece has to be my gold, antique log holder. Nothing says cozy and warm better than a fire. I have used regular logs typically used in fire places but you could use birch logs as well.

I have added candles to my lanterns and they give off a twinkling effect similar to the mercury glass but not as dramatic. The last detail I have added to my fireplace decor are my stems. I used my go to eucalyptus stems and some white florals but the coziest of the stems are the lambs ear. Lambs ear have a fuzzy covering and are super soft to the touch. Their fuzzy texture has the same effect as the cozy blankets in my opinion and adds something warm to the cool neutral stems.

I truly hope I have given some after Christmas cozy decor inspiration. If you end up adding some of these cozy touches to your own home please share them and tag The Olive Branch or use the hashtag #theolivebranchky! Comment below if you have any additional ideas for adding some warm, winter charm to your home.


Have a great weekend and bless your home.


Erika Miller

Coffee Bar Styling

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