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4th of July Entertaining

I must say that 4th of July Entertaining Event is one of my favorite holidays for 2 reasons. One, the symbolic meaning of what Independence Day means for us as a nation. I could not imagine living anywhere else but this great country and having the freedoms and liberties that I do. Two, because it is the ultimate day for celebrating with family & friends, while hosting & displaying some great summer holiday decor.

One of my favorite pieces to use in decorating for the 4th are my granny’s vintage patriotic glasses she gave me a few years back. She is my idol in all things home & family, so having a little piece of her history to serve drinks out of is special to me. I encourage everyone to find small decor traditions for this holiday and all the others that holds a special meaning to you and your family. Another favorite entertaining staple I LOVE to use, and may or may not have a slight addiction to, are disposable, decorative napkins. Ask my fiancé and he will tell you I have a napkin ready for any occasion & I find the greatest joy in bringing them out to serve guests. These small touches may seem silly to some, but they are what I believe make hosting friends and family so fun. When you take the extra time to set up a display for food and drinks, guests notice and feel as if their presence in your home is important to you. It is my goal through The Olive Branch to help you make others feel that way while they are in your home, every single time.

It doesn’t take a ton of money or time to really set up a cute display for hosting events. Setting up for holidays or special events such as a birthday or shower is even easier because they most likely already have a theme and color scheme associated with them. For today, we are using the always classic summer trio red, white & blue. In my set up I opted to use our modern farmhouse place setting chargers and plates but they could easily be replaced by a disposable plate as well. I do love the idea of incorporating the white with the plate so the decor and napkins can be a little more festive. I will always tell you “less is more when it comes to decor”. You don’t want your display to look as if 4th of July exploded and you used every red, white and blue item you own. Small touches look better and are easier to manage.

As you can see I have paired our modern farmhouse place setting and wooden utility box with some classic mason jars, patriotic napkins and paper straws. I have kept the colors minimal so our red tulips and stars and stripes napkins really stand out on the neutral background. When you keep the set up simple it is a lot more family friendly & can easily be cleaned up once the celebration is over. Here I have used disposable napkins, flatware and straws, allowing guests to throw them out when finished and not fear breaking something in the process. The main objective of every set up I do is for people to feel comfortable and for it to be family friendly. This means that even the kids are able to interact with the decor without everyone stressing out.

Another key tip in setting up a display is time. You don’t want something that is going to take you hours to prepare and take away from the point of hosting, spending time with people you love. Again, I want to stress that I will always tell you “do less and spend more time with your people”. There is no point in having a perfect set up and not getting to enjoy the family you prepared it for. It is all about finding balance between making things beautiful and experiencing beautiful moments. Not only is this set up very easy to prepare, it takes minimal time and allows you to have all your food, drinks and utensils in once place.

I used our wooden utility caddy holding our flatware and a cake stand to display anything from dessert to hamburgers, as a centerpiece. Not only are they a neutral staple in the display and look great, they are also super functional and allow your guests to have access to everything they may need. To the side of the centerpiece we have an ice bucket which keeps ice frozen and accessible and a drink carafe elevated on a stand. Having pieces that are different heights, sprinkled throughout the set up makes it look multi dimensional and more pleasing to the eye. Now you are able to branch out from this main part of the display and add in your different food choices. I recommend choosing one side of the display for entree and side options, while using the opposite side for desserts and drinks. This helps your guests flow through the buffet line and know where to go when they come back for seconds (or thirds). Again, displaying these items doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. I always use the same red, white and blue plastic bowls with clear or wooden serving utensils. They are easy to clean up (I believe everything should be able to go into the dishwasher) and you can use them for other holidays and events as well.

In my display the last thing I added was our red, real touch tulips in white milk glass to add an additional pop of color and personal touch. There is just something about flowers (real or fake) that make any display feel a little more beautiful and seem as if it took longer than it really did. Now that your display is ready just add your loved ones and you are ready to go. Whether you are doing food and pool today or hiding from this crazy heat inside, having an easy but beautiful patriotic food display makes your guests feel catered to and helps get everyone in the 4th of July spirit.

Struggling with what food & drinks to add to your display? I have included a few of my favorite festive recipes below. Just click the photos for links to the recipes. Happy 4th y’all!

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4th of July Entertaining
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